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Your first choice for recruiting top talent for your business.


The UK’s first recruiter that embeds great recruitment practice into companies whilst we are hiring “A” players for them.

We not only attract the best talent for you, but we teach you how to recognise it with a proven interview training program that ensures that your hiring managers are making the best decisions.

We have worked with 100’s of companies across many sectors successfully recruiting and retaining top talent that makes a real impact on the growth and success of the business.

And it doesn’t stop there- we believe in raising your Employer profile and working with your team so that you become the number one choice for candidates in your area.

In short, we offer an end-to-end recruitment service like no other.

What our clients say

Top Talent has supported us for over 2 years with our recruitment needs in a variety of roles. Suzanne has fully understood the importance of cultural fit and had grasped what that means to us as a business.

It’s a pleasure working with Suzanne and the communication and alignment has always been great!

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Your first choice for recruiting top talent
for your business.

What keeps you awake at night?

The most common answer from business owners to this – is “ worrying about what is happening when I am absent”. Our solution is – Hire A players! They are accountable, take ownership and have the wow factor!

How it works

The Five steps to a successful recruitment and retention program are, REVIEW, RECRUITMENT READY, RECRUIT, RETAIN, RAISE


Discover answers to commonly asked questions about our recruitment process and what to expect.

The recruitment market in the UK

Extensive consulting experience gained over many years of work in the professional and business qualification field



These usually work on a contingency basis with fees ranging from 15-25%,


Search & Selection

A hybrid between agency, i.e. database search plus selected advertising.


Head Hunters

Typically charge 30-35% again on a retained basis.