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We offer a complete recruitment process outsourcing service – thereby releasing your staff from a task that may be out of their expertise.

We offer a combined recruitment approach which incorporates all candidate attraction and discovery methods.  Our specialist in house researchers are very skilled at locating talent.

We are extremely cost effective with an average hire costing around 15 – 18% of salary.

We offer expertise and knowledge that is usually outside the skill set of HR staff and Line Managers. Due to our independence from the client we can head hunt into target competitor companies and offer anonymous advertising.  In addition, we are skilled at acquiring market intelligence when conducting a head hunt which is often useful for our clients.  We are also able to build and nurture a talent “pipeline” using our unique candidate attraction methods.

To get started we have a questionnaire which will identify where our resources are best employed, we can talk this through with you or you can complete in your own time and email it back to us.  This will enable us to put a formal proposal together which will framework fees, time scales and expenses.

We are always happy to negotiate a “success” element to our fees but we are not a contingency recruiter.  All our work effort belongs to each individual client.  We do not run databases of active or inactive candidates and we only accept one client in each given sector, therefore we are unable to transfer candidates in normal circumstances.

When we talk about tailoring our service to each individual client – it is exactly that!  Buying a bespoke suit requires upfront payment for the material etc. – we are the same.

What our clients say

Working with Top Talent for Business has been an absolute game-changer for our organization.

Their expertise and dedication to our team have transformed our HR department, making it more efficient, responsive, and employee-focused than ever before

The recruitment market in the UK
is split into 3 main categories:


these usually work on a contingency basis with fees ranging from 15-25% climbing according to salary. They will advertise your position under their own logo and search their database for candidates. The majority of candidates are NOT interviewed and job/candidate matching is done by algorithm. Motivation – placing candidate for highest salary and highest fee. AKA the “spray and pray” market. Time frame usually 2 weeks to produce CVs.

Search & Selection

a hybrid between agency i.e. database search plus selected advertising and LinkedIn searching. Fees range from 20-30% paid on a retained basis. Time frame anywhere from 4-12 weeks depending on vacancy.

Head Hunters

typically charge 30-35% again on a retained basis. Consultants will spend time with the client getting to know and understand the company and culture plus assist with succession planning etc. Targeted head hunting of passive often invisible candidates is carried out plus selective advertising where required. Typical Time frame 12-24 weeks depending on vacancy.

We thought there was a gap!

We worked hard on a complete offering which clients can pick and mix from or adopt the complete program with regular adjustments and reviews as required. We aim to deliver all of this at a very competitive price with a rolling recruitment plan on boarding cost of approx. 15% per hire.